HVAC Maintenance, Service, Certification & Testing - Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Our maintenance, certification services and testing services include Annual Essential Services Certification, Building Pressure Testing, Stair Pressurisation Testing, NCC BCA Section J Testing and more. Our team will ensure all of the elements of your mechanical systems are performing efficiently and cost-effectively for the entire lifecycle of your build.
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AFSS - Annual Fire Safety Statement Certification

We can provide a fast and reliable audit of your fire protection systems and assist with issuing your Annual Fire Safety Statement. As part of your audit we will ensure that each of your Fire Safety Measures are in order and verify that your exit systems are in compliance with the relevant regulations.
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Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance & Servicing

From roof-top systems and cooling towers to fume extraction and air handling units, Statewide Mechanical Services can assist with all forms of commercial air-conditioning maintenance and servicing. We have extensive experience in both planned preventative maintenance, and rapid response reactive maintenance.
NCC BCA Certification

Annual Essential Services Certification

At Statewide Mechanical Services we can assist with the preparation of your annual essential services certification, including auditing existing buildings against code requirements, preparing annual fire-safety statements, inspection and review of maintenance works and project managing annual maintenance requirements so that you remain compliant throughout the year.
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Building Pressure Testing

We can undertake building pressure testing of your new or existing builds to identify any weaknesses in the pressurisation of the structure and improve the passive energy performance of your spaces. Well sealed and strategically ventilated buildings are more energy-efficient and easier to heat and cool for the comfort of residents and guests.
Stair Pressurisation Testing

Stair Pressurisation Testing

With proper stair pressurisation testing our experienced mechanical contractors can verify that your shaft pressurisation systems are working correctly and that your stairwells meet the minimum requirements for a smoke-proof enclosure, ensuring a safe environment in the event of a fire emergency or smoke control event in your building.
NCC BCA Certification

NCC BCA Section J Testing

Dealing with energy efficiency, section J of the national construction code requires different locations in Australia to have different heating and cooling requirements. Our experienced mechanical contractors can assess the compliance of your proposed development and assist in meeting all requirements of the national building code.