Mechanical Services - Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

We specialise in bringing precise, practical and creative heating, ventilation and air-conditioning solutions to clients across a range of industries. We design and install in accordance with all building codes and Australian standards and with our unmatched industry experience, we can tackle even the most complex HVAC engineering challenges.
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Mechanical Services - Design & Construct

We provide full Design and Construct services to clients from a range of industries across Australia. Our innovative, cost-effective and energy-efficient mechanical design and construct solutions are what sets us apart from our competition; with detailed designs and precise engineering we can maximise system performance, on time and to budget -ensuring the best possible outcomes for your project.
Council buildings mechanical engineering

Mechanical Services - Construct Only

We offer Construct Only services for clients that are looking for an experienced team to deal with the contract installation of a pre-existing design. We can tailor a construction plan that helps you reach all of your project goals. Our team of expert project managers take great pride in their services coordination strategies which ensure all stages of the planning, procurement and delivery of your project are implemented perfectly.
Mechanical Engineering consulting services

Mechanical Services Consulting

We have over six decades of experience in the design and install of HVAC systems and mechanical building services. Using our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of Australian building codes and standards, we can collaborate with you to bring creative, flexible and commercially viable ideas to your project. At Statewide we are passionate about sharing our in-depth industry knowledge with our consulting clients.
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Mechanical AFSS Annual Fire Safety Statement Certification

At Statewide, we are experts in all aspects of maintenance compliance within the build environment and can assist you in your duty of care in ensuring your buildings are safe, maintained and compliant to all Australian standards. We can assist with your mechanical annual essential services certification so that your building remains completely up to code (and profitable) for its entire life-cycle.
Ventilation and energy savings

Ventilation & Energy Efficiency

We can help you improve the value of your assets with a strategic approach to ventilation and energy efficiency. By pairing our industry expertise with the latest in energy-saving technologies we can design a HVAC system that will address all of your corporate, social and environmental goals. Together we can create a HVAC systems strategy that will maximise the performance of your buildings.
Aircon Maintenance

Servicing & Maintenance

Ongoing servicing of your HVAC systems is crucial to ensure that the building continues to perform at its best long after the initial build is done. We have a range of time-tested preventative maintenance policies to ensure that your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are always performing at their peak. From equipment checks to metering and monitoring we have all your servicing and maintenance needs covered.