Proudly operating since 1998, Statewide Mechanical Services is dedicated to the delivery of quality, value and safety in mechanical building services.


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HVAC Engineering

We specialise in practical and creative heating, ventilation and air-conditioning design and installation in accordance with building codes and Australian standards. With our unmatched industry experience, we pride ourselves on bringing innovative solutions to even the most complex HVAC Engineering challenges.
Statewide Team

Mechanical Contracting

We have a full-service approach to mechanical contracting, lead by highly skilled industry experts; we will design and implement every aspect of the integral mechanical elements of your project and create ongoing processes designed to keep those elements running at their best for the entire life-cycle of your assets.
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Service, Certification & Testing

We specialise in the inspection, testing and certification of HVAC systems to ensure that your infrastructure is operating not only efficiently but in accordance with Australian standards. Testing includes AFSS Annual Fire Safety Statement Certification, Essential Services Certification, Building Pressure Testing, Stair Pressurisation Testing, and Fire Damper Inspection and Rectification.




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